Maher Helps Dublin Advance To Leinster Camogie Semi Final

(29 Apr 2023)

Dublin 2-13 Wexford 1-14
Leinster Senior Camogie Qualifying Quarter Final
Trinity Sports Grounds Dublin

Report by We Are Dublin GAA

Two second half goals, one coverted by Aisling Maher from the penalty spot, saw Dublin see off the physical challenge of Wexford this afternoon. That win will see Dublin advance to the Leinster Camogie Semi Final next weekend, and has lifted a grey cloud left behind following their dsappointing League Campaign.

Maher, and substitute Niamh Comerford, both raised green flags at the close of a second half that saw them trail Wexford after a tight opening session. Ashling O’Neill, who hit 0-03 of her own scores, was brought down in the 55th minute winning her side the penalty that Maher calmly slotted past Laura Brennan to give Dublin an advantage they truly deserved. 5 minutes later, and at the death of the game, Comerford found herself one on one with Brennan and had the savvy to get a touch on the sliotar before colliding with the Wexford keeper seeing the ball roll over the line.

A Battling Dublin Finally Rise To The Top

Overall, and without bias, Dublin were deserving of today’s victory from the opening throw in. And there was a sense of desire not seen in quite sometime. A score and a brace from Grace O’Shea and Aishling O’Neill saw Dubln take an early 0-03 lead before Wexford hit the scoreboard. Typically it was the clinical striking of Anais Curran who would get the visitors up and running. And her tally of 1-06 saw her finish top scorer for her side. It was Curran who broke the dealock between the sides to give Wexford the edge at half time.

Just inside her own half Curran launched a high ball towards the Dublin goal. Dublin keeper Mairi Moynihan looked to have it covered and most thought it was drifting over for a point but it dropped quickly catching the Dublin keeper by surprise and fell behind and into the net. It gave Wexford a 0-03 advantage at half time to lead Dublin by 1-06 to 0-06.

Thankfully that event didn’t spoil proceedings for the Dubs and they emerged invigorated at the beginning of the half and were dogged right to the final whistle earning a well deserved victory.

Scorers For Dublin:

1. Aisling Maher 1-08 (1-00 pen 7f)
15. Aishling O’Neill 0-03
20. Niamh Comerford 1-00
13. Grace O’Shea 0-02

Scorers For Wexford:

11. Anais Curran 1-06 (5f)
14. Chloe Foxe 0-04 (4f)
13. Linda Bolger 0-03 (1f)
9. Chloe Cashe 0-01


1. Mairi Moynihan
2. Zoe Couch
3. Abbey Ryan
4. Christine Shanahan
5. Claire Gannon
6. Eve O’Brien
7. Hannah O’Dea
8. Leah Butler
9. Gaby Couch
10. Muireann Kelleher
11. Aisling Maher
12. Elyse Jamieson Murphy
13. Grace O’Shea
14. Aisling Gannon
15. Aishling O’Neill

Dublin Substitutes:

17. Aoife Heffernan for Butler (31)
20. Niamh Comerford for O’Shea (55)


1. Laura Brennan
2. Miria O’Down
3. Ciara Storey
4. Laura Dempsey
5. Aoife Dunne
6. Sarah O’Connor
7. Emma Walsh
8. Orla Sinnott
9. Chloe Cashe
10. Katie Gallagher
11. Anais Curran
12. Kate Kirwin
13. Linda Bolger
14. Chloe Foxe
15. Ailis Neville

Wexford Substitutes:

17. Katie Roche for O’Down (46)
19. Mag Byrne for Gallagher (49)

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