Go Games

What are Go Games?

Go Games are Camogie, Hurling and Gaelic Football for children up to and including 12 years of age, where every child gets to play (a Go) in every game, for the full game.

For far too long, the practice in sport has been to identify and cultivate talented players and elite teams at younger and younger ages.  There is a tendency to nurture the perceived best and neglect the rest. This has contributed to adult training and playing conditions being imposed on young players.  Training and competition in this manner is geared for outcome and not for the process of development,.  For Children's games, coaches must reassess the balance between the need to win games and cups versus the need to develop players and recognise the importance of fair play i.e. provide full participation within an environment where participants are encouraged to achieve their full potential.


Go Games are National Policy

The Camogie Association Rule 33.8 states...

All games activities organised for all players under 12 by Units of the Association must be:

  • Child centred
  • Small sided games
  • Developmentally appropriate 
  • Provide all players with meaningful playing time


Why Go Games?

The Go Games structure supports participation and development of all players engaged in Camogie under the age of 12 years.  The following principles underpin Go Games:

  • All participants play in the full game - set up another little pitch and make your teams smaller to facilitate the engagement of all players
  • Participants needs are catered for at U7, U8, U9, U10, U11 and U12
  • Activities are structured in a manner which optimises the level of Fun, Friendship and Fair play and achievement derived by participants.
  • Participants train and play in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment where they are encouraged to risk error, to learn and to derive maximum enjoyment from their involvement.
  • Players master the basic skills of Camogie and experience the sense of accomplishment, which derives from acquiring playing proficiency on the left and right hand side of the body.
  • Everybody involved in Go Games, whether as players, parents/guardians, spectators, mentors, teachers, officials etc must adhere to the key underpinning principles and give express to the "Give Respect, Get Respect" initiative at all times.


Go Games Regulations

Go Games are subject to the general rules of the Association.  

  • To maximise playing opportunities (giving players more touches of the ball), teams shall endeavour to play the minimum numbers recommended:
    • Under 7 = 4 V 4
    • Under 8 = 5 V 5
    • Under 9 = 5 V 5
    • Under 10 = 6 V 6
    • Under 11 = 6 V 6
    • Dublin Camogie is now working to implement these rules over the coming 12 months.
  • Participants are encouraged to play at their own age grade however, where it is deemed  necessary (i.e. within new or smaller clubs)  players may play up one age grade as follows:
    • ​​Under 7 may play at Under 9 Level
    • Under 9 may play at Under 11 Level
    • Under 11 may play at under 12 and Under 13 age levels
    • Guidance on this should be sought from the Go Games Contact as identified by the County Board.  The Dublin Camogie Contact for 2024 is Niamh and her contact email address is: gogamesdubcamogie@gmail.com
  • ​​​No provision is made to present trophies, cups etc., in any code and competition/league from U12 and below.  Where certificates / medals are presented in lieu of participation, the same certificate/medal must be presented to every participant.











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