2018 Fixtures

Below are rules relating to adult leagues.....

  1. Adult  leagues 1 to 4, will be 15 a side, with other leagues being 13 a side.  In a 15 a side competition a team will be required to have at least 12 players to commence a game while a minimum of 10 players are required to play in a 13 a side competition. 
  2. A lower graded played may "sub up" to a higher graded team as many times as she wishes without effecting her lower grade.  This applies in League only.  A higher graded player may not compete in a lower    graded league competition.
  3. A Juvenile player may compete in an adult league, provided is at least 15 years old. 
  4. Teams may use 8 subs in a league game.  (5 in Championship).
  5. A team who plays an unregistered player, will automatically be referred to the THDC, where mandatory sanctions will apply, including loss of points if winning, a fine if beaten, plus a suspension on the player and also suspension on Club Officers (Chairperson/Secretary) if proven that the Officers knowingly played an unregistered player.
  6. A player sent off on a "straight red" will face a mandatory suspension, depending on the nature of the offence.  She will stand suspended until she accepts a mandatory suspension or appears before a THDC.
  7. Bibs to be worn by all mentors.  Failure to do so will result in an automatic fine. (€25-00)
  8. If a club concedes 3 league games, they will automatically be excluded from the remainder of the competition and placed last in their league
  9. Each team must supply a CC2  form (Team sheet) to the referee before the start of the 2nd half. 
  10. An adult team may not postpone a league game without first receiving permission from An Runai.  Such a request will only be granted in exceptional circumstance.  Teams may bring forward a scheduled game   but again An Runai must be informed, along with the appointed referee. 
  11. A Referee has the right to refuse any girl wearing shorts / jewellery permission to play until such time as she removes her jewellery and acquires a skirt/skort. 
  12. There is no requirement to reduce your playing numbers to that of your opponents.  Teams may play the maximum allowed in their particular competition.
  13. An Runai may at any time change the date of an official fixture, provided that he gives both clubs written confirmation at least 5 days in advance of the original fixture.  This will only be done as a last resort and only under exceptional circumstances.
  14. Shin Guards are not compulsory, but the Board strongly recommend the wearing of these in all games.


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