Senior 1 NL Dublin v Clare at Parnells

(24 Feb 2018)

The Dublin Seniors had a win over Clare today at Parnells GAA Coolock with a scoreline of 1.12 to 0.10

Report by Meggan O'Reilly

After Dublin’s Devastating defeat against Waterford last weekend , David Herity was insistent on ensuring that the whole panel finish the league on a high, learning from their mistakes and portraying their potential to the Clare players. Clare Camogie always give Dublin a game that is unforgettable and Dublin will remember that with players like Chloe Morey & Niamh O’Dea , they would punish instantly if mistakes or fouls were carried out. In order for Clare to reach a spot in the Semi Final they had to beat Dublin by 12 points today, yet they knew it was not going to be a easy battle.

With Referee Eamonn Cassidy in total control of today’s game, the 60 minutes could only be defined as the Battle of Free takers. The first half commenced with Chloe Morey making her presence known with scores from free’s within the first 8 minutes. An experienced player with an unbelievable amount of power behind her strike which was witnessed by all when she scored a monster of a Free from just inside the 65 yard line.

Dublin was aware of Morey’s talents and responded immediately with 2 more points from the ever accurate Siobhan Kehoe and speedy Grace O’ Shea. With 16 minutes gone, a brace of frees from Kehoe levels the sides at 4 points a piece. Miriam Twomey & Orla Beegan consistently threatened Clares defense which led them to foul , allowing Kehoe to slot 2 more points from frees between the posts.

Aisling Carolan & Martha O’ Donoghue on Numerous occasions stopped Clares attacking forwards in their ranks with a bundle of perfectly timed Blocks & Hooks. At half time the gap was marginal with a score of Dublin 0-6 Clare 0-04 and if Dublin wanted to leave parnells GAA Club with a win, the hassle, hooks, blocks and scores had to be continued. Nothing could slip.

Once again the Second half got underway with Clare continuously fouling Dublin’s backs & forwards on nearly every occasion. Kehoe was on fire today with her free taking duties so Dublin were happy enough to take the free’s at any angle. Clare began to get their rhythm back with short snappy passes out to the wings drawing the Dublin defenders away leaving the like’s of Niamh O’Dea to collect the pass & strike it over the bar. This was Clare’s first score from play, perpetuating the aggression and dominance of the Dublin defenders like Arlene Cushen, Emma O’Byrne & Leah Butler up to the 35th minute. For every point Clare gained, Dublin worked just as hard to get their own point back on the scoreboard.

St Vincent’s Eimear McCarthy rattled her troops on numerous occasions and once again was rewarded with a point from play within the 45th minute. 51 minutes had gone, and although Morey had missed 3 free’s previously throughout the game, she pointed another free over to make it a 1 point game. It was at this stage that Dublin could either chose to turn up the gears, or panic.

There was 10 minutes left of play & there was no way Dublin was letting Clare back in with a winning Chance. Kehoe slotted over 3 more free’s from the determination from Ali Twomey to win the ball in every possible manner, she drove the remaining forwards on.

Dublin saw the introduction of Rosin Baker. In previous games Roisin has been the ultimate impact substitute and as always her skill struck again. The workhorse Doireann Mullanny , although exhausted from battling with every ounce of energy left in her, made the ground & space and ran onto the ball down the right wing. She Jabb lifted the ball, ‘skint’ her player and delivered the perfect ball into Baker who was situated just outside the square. Baker took two steps to the left to make space for a strike and in the 59th Minute struck Gold. She had buried the ball into the back of Clares net.

The goal came at a time when Dublin needed to put the game to bed, and the mighty Duo Doireann & Baker made this possible. All that was left to do was hang on and continue to hassle. When time ticked on, Clare knew they needed a goal and no one else but Chloe Morey stepped up to the plate. Morey struck a free just on the 20 yard line that darted passed Dublin’s defence only to be stopped on the line by the ever courageous Sile Ni Cotir & Aisling Carolan. Through Sile’s composure today, she greatly instructed her defence along with the perfectly pinned short puckout that worked a delight.


The Full time whistle blew and the result was everything that Dublin aimed for. Dublin 1-12 Clare 0-10. It was not only a great win for Dublin but an positive and outstanding performance from each player. Although overall some league games did not go to plan, all the pieces that were missing out of the puzzle are fitted perfectly in today's 60 minute game. Dublin will keep this performance in mind and continue this intensity in every training session over the coming weeks with aim to become better with each performance. Dublin Scorers: Roisin Baker (1-0) Siobhan Kehoe ( 0-10) , from placed balls) Eimear McCarthy (0-01) Grace O’Shea (0-01)
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