Report: Dublin v Tipperary

(25 Oct 2020)

Hard work and strong commitment wasn't enough for Dublin in their first game of the Liberty Insurance all Ireland championship, the final score Dublin 0:11 Tipperary 1.13
Dublin started the first half playing with the wind and winning the 'throwin' with Muireann Kelliher,(St Vincent's) on her Debut for Dublin Seniors, winning possession and playing the ball to her club team mate number 11, Aisling Maher, but the ball was sent wide (the first of  a number of wides in the first half for Dublin) 
Dublin did notch up their first score very soon after from a Tipp Side line ball, won by Ali Twomey, wearing number 12, passed to Aisling Maher, into Kerrie Finnegan Number 13, who passed to Jody Couch, Dublin's full forward, playing Senior Championship Camogie for the first time, having coming up from last years minors.   Jody's attempt was saved by the Tipp Goalie Number 16, Aine Slattery but went out for a 45, which was converted by Aisling.  Dublin are on the scoreboard. 
Dublin's second score came again from a 'placed ball'  this time Sinead Wylde received a pass from Hannah Hegarty, her Captain, playing at number 8, Sinead was fouled and Aisling Stepped up again and put the sliotar over the bar 
Dublin had another great attack Kerri Finnegan wins the short Puk out from the Tipp goalie plays it to Jody Couch, who was in with a great goal chance but was deemed to have fouled 
Tipperary's first score came in the 8th minute when from a Tipp Side line, the Sliotar was played up the pitch to Tipp's number 13, Grace O'Brien and she scored her first point of the afternoon.
Grainne Quinn, playing number 7 for Dublin, made a great block and Sinead Wylde came out of the ruck with the sliotar but stuck the ball wide
Aisling Carolan, wearing number 6, won the Puk out and played the sliotar into Jody Couch but Jody couldn't make the most of it and gave away the free 
Tipp's next score came from them winning possession from a ruck and Orla O'Dwyer, number 12, scored a fine point off her left
Dublin kept up the intensity and registered the next score with a lovely piece of play, Aisling Maher to Laura Quinn (another one of Dublin's debutantes, one of last years minors) who made a great pass to Ali Twomey (her club team mate from Lucan Sarsfields) and Ali  put Dublin's 3rd point on the scoreboard 
This was followed by another wide by Tipp and a great save by the Dublin Goalkeeper, Rosie Kinneally (also making her Debut for Dublin having played most of her Camogie in Tipp, until she moved to Dublin and joined Dublin Club Naomh Mearnog two years ago)
This was followed by a wide for Dublin with Kerri Finnegan at number 13 trying to keep the sliotar in play
Tipp then scored the only goal of the game with a rebound off the post by Tipp's, number 10 Nicole Walsh, finished by the very experience number 14, Cait  Devane
The score is now 1:2 Tipperary, 0:3 Dublin
The next few minutes of the game saw both teams knock up some wides, Number 20, Karin Blair (who had started the game for Tipp) with a fine attempt on the run,  A wide from a Free and a wide by Orla O' Dwyer for Tipperary with two wides also from Dublin, one from Ais Maher on the right hand side of the pitch and a wide for Tipp just before the Water
Dublin registered two wides at the restart after the water break both attempts from Kerrie Finnegan, One supported by Laura Quinn, one from a long Puck from Grainne Free having cut out a Tipp attack, before Tipp put their 3rd score on the board (point from Play from Karin Blair)
Dublin's next score came from Sinead Wylde keeping Dublin in touching distance  but Tipp were quick to respond with another fine point from their number 11, Roisin Howard,  the Goal still separating the teams, Dublin's next attempt from Aisling Maher went wide, after a quick free won by Dublin's number 6 Aisling Carolan (making use of the new rule of taking your own kick free)
With 5 mins to go to half time Dublin make their first substitute, No 20, Caragh Dawson (Caragh was a key playing in Dublin winning the Premier Junior final in 2018, winner player of the match) 
The Dublin goalie went on to make a fine save from a Cait Devane free but Dublin corner back gave away another free which was easy taking for experienced Cait Devane as she put the sliotar over the bar   Tipperary now 1:5 to Dublin's 0:4
The next few minutes before half time was end to end play with both teams battling so hard,  Sinead Wylde picked up a yellow card for Dublin, Dublin did win a free, the Tipp Number 10 caught for overcarrying but the sliotar was put wide. Grainne Quinn wins a free through her hard work, puts the ball into the corner for Caragh Dawson (who looked lively since she was introduced) but Tipp put in a great hook, Dublin did take advantage of the last action of the half and Sinead Wylde finished with a fine score from play
Half time Dubin 0:5  Tipperary 1:5

second half
Dublin started the second half with a fine free, against the breeze, from Aisling Maher, there are 2 points between the sides.   
This was followed up by Tipp with a wide from Play, Orla O'Dwyer put under pressure by Ali Twomey followed by another wide from Tipp.  Deirdre Johnstone with a great Hook to deny Tipp who was in a great position in front of the Dublin Goal 
Dublin make their second substitution of the game, Number 23 Gaby Couch (twin of Jody, and also a debutante for Dublin Seniors) comes on to replace Laura Quinn just after Tipp put the sliotar wide of the post
Tipperary put two more attempts wide with constant pressure from the Dublin players before Orla O'Dwyer finds her scoring range, following a mistake by her marker, and leaves 3 points between the sides once more.  Tipp have found a purple spot in this game
Ali Twomey puts in a great tackle shutting down the Tipp attack and wins a free, Rosie takes the free and puts the sliotar into the Dublin forwards Ais Maher wins the free and slots the sliotar over the bar, back to 2 points between the sides
Cait Devane, though, wasn't going to let Dubin get the upper hand and scored a fine point from Play
Ali Twomey again wins a Ruck and passes the ball out to Muireann in Midfield, Muireann gets blocked, both sides fight to win possession, result is a throw ball,  Sliotar makes it way to Sinead Wylde on the wing and she wins a free, a quick free is taken, but is rushed and Kerrie slips and the ball is won by Tipp.  Tipp converts the next score, a fine point from their number 13, Grace O'Brien - there are now 4 points between the sides
Dublin make their 3rd Substitution, Roisin Baker number 28 is on for Kerri Finnegan.
Deirdre Johnstone wins the sliotar in the Dublin defense finds Ali Twomey, Ali passes to Gaby Couch (Gaby is fouled but Ref plays advantage) she passes to Ais Maher, No advantage, Free called back, Aisling puts the sliotar over the bar, Dubin are up to 0.8 back to a deficit of 3
Dublin then put the sliotar wide, Gaby from Play and Tipp puts a long range free wide
Dublin put the next score on the board with a free from Ais M back to 2 points between them  
There was a flurry of activity just before the water break but the scores stand Dublin 0.9   Tipp 1.8,   Dublin finishing the 3rd Quarter of the game very strongly
Tipp start strong after the water break with a fine point from Roisin Howard  and followed this up with a wide from play
A free given to Tipp by the Dublin Midfield results in another score for Cait Devane 4 points between the sides with 8 minutes left to play
Tipperary followed up with another fine score by Grace O'Brien, Tipp having won the Puck out but this was followed by another point from Ais Maher, under pressure from the Tipp backs, bringing again the gap back to 4
but again Cait Devane shows what a great player she is with another score for Tipp, the gap has widened to 5
Dublin make their last change bringing on Leah Butler number 25 for no 9 Muireann Kelliher
Dublin put in some fine defending in the last few minutes of the game but this did result in a yellow card for Deirdre Johnstone (another Premier Junior All Ireland Medal winner) 
another Free scored by Cait Devane   Tipp now 1.13 Now there are 6 points between the sides with very little time left for Dublin
Leah Bulter, the last of Dublin Substitutes did make her mark with scoring a fine point before the final whistle - Dublin 0:11
Final Score
Dublin 0:11
Tipperary 1:13

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