Nh Jude are Senior 1 County Champions 2020

(06 Sep 2020)

 “We Are Dublin” Dublin Senior Camogie Championship 2020.

Nh Jude came out on top in Abbotstown on Sunday with two gaols in the last 5 minutes of an enthralling game. Full Time score Nh Jude 3.13 v St Vincents 0.15

The weather was perfect for a match 16 degrees and a very slight wind, the pitch was top class, the videographer was in place to live stream the game, both teams changed into their jerseys in front of the stand, the physios had their tables set up at each end of the stand. All Dublin Managers were spaced around the stand in the hope of spotting some new talent. SOPER Referee Fergus McGreevy and his Officials were in place, Chairperson Jenny Byrne was tying her latest purchase of Blue and Navy ribbons on the handles of the Maura Brady Cup which was displayed proudly on a Dublin table waiting to go to its home for 2020.

The only thing that was missing was spectators as due to Covid 19 regulations all the matches are being played behind closed doors, but somehow there was a great atmosphere there, everyone so thankful that the Championship was going ahead.

The game was played with high intensity from the minute the ball was thrown in. St Vincents free taker Ali Maguire was the first to register scores with 2 point’s from  frees in the first two minutes.

Cliodhna Nicoletti scored Judes first score with a lovely point from play, Grace Gilroy and Anna O’Sullivan would go on to score equally good points from play at the other end within the next 4 for St Vincents. Score was now 0.04 to 0.01

At 7 and 9  minutes Cliodhna Nicoletti would point again from play and Ellie Young a free it was now 0.04 – 0.03 but Ali Maguire pointed another free for St Vincents and at the first half water break it was St Vincents 0.05 Nh Jude 0.03.

It was hard to call who looked better at this stage as both sides were displaying great hooking and blocking.

Referee Fergus McGreevy blew the whistle after the minute was up for the water break and both teams went hell for leather again.

16th minute and Niamh Gannon scored a powerful point and then the powerful Niamh Hetherton St Vincents scored a point from play. Score St Vincents 0.06 Judes 0.04

St Vincents made a substitution in the 18th minute, Grainne Quinn came on for Elaine O’Leary and a minute later Aine Fanning scored a point from play to put Vincents 3 ahead ( 0.07 – 0.04) . In the 23rd minute after the sliotar making its way up and down the pitch with tussles on every line, Aisling Gannon won the ball and with a quick turn went on a solo run and with great strength and speed buried the sliotar in the back of the net to level the game. 0.07 to 1.04

Judes went one up with an Ellie Young Free and Niamh Hetherton levelled it again with a point from play when just before the half time whistle Ellie pointed a free. Half Time score Nh Jude 1.06 v St Vincents 0.08

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, dressing rooms are not an option. Both teams stayed on the side-line for the break, but the weather was kind which makes things much easier.

Second Half

Fergus McGreevy blew the whistle for the second half and the game started with as much energy and determination as the first. Nobody was slacking.

Aine Fanning St Vincents was first to score in the half, a lovely point from play, they were level again but Aoife Walsh scores a point from play for Nh Jude and they go ahead by 1. In the 8th minute Ellie Young scores a fabulous free to put Judes 2 points ahead 1.08 to 0.09, this was still anyone’s game.

St Vincents made their 2nd substitution of the game when Ellen McGovern came on for Shauna McBride in the 8th minute

By the 12th minute St Vincents Ali Maguire had scored a free and Muireann Kelleher a point from play and it was all level yet again, the possibility of a draw match was starting to creep into our minds. Nh Jude 1.08 St Vincents 0.11

Ali Maguire points a free to put Vincents ahead and then Niamh Gannon scores a point from play and at the second half water break. They are level again Nh Jude 1.09 v St Vincents 0.12

The Maura Brady Cup is glistening in the sunshine on the table on the side-line but there is absolutely no indication to which side of Dublin it will be heading for, It is still anybody’s game. The next 15 minutes are huge for both teams, they will need to dig even deeper to decide who will be crowned Champions.

The whistle went and off they went again, both teams trying to break away.

18th and 19th minute and St Vincents Ellen McGovern puts her team ahead with a fine point from play, Nh Jude make a substitution, Leah Butler came on for Aoife Molloy and Ellie Young points a free. They are level again. Nh Jude 1.10 v St Vincents 0.13

22/23rd Minute and Ali Maguire puts Vincents 2 points ahead with frees, can they hold on to this lead ? Both teams are digging deep, nobody is giving up it’s still so close. Carragh Dawson St Judes throws the sliotar on the hurl and took off towards the goal, she was going for it. She had to be stopped and stopped she was, a penalty was awarded. Faye McCarthy the Nh Jude Goalkeeper ran up the pitch to take it. Faye is well known in Camogie County circles for her accuracy  - she got a Senior Camogie All Star nomination for it in 2018, calmly lifted the sliotar and drove it with lightning speed and veracity into the back of the net. St Judes were now one point ahead with 5 minutes to go. It was still anyone’s game Nh Jude 2.10 (16)  v St Vincents 0.15 (15)

The last 5 minutes of the game were end to end excitement. Cliodhna Nicoletti scored a free, Niamh Gannon scored a point from play,  Leah Butler who was not long on the pitch scored a fabulous goal and Niamh Gannon scored another point from play which was to be the last score of the day.

Nh Jude are crowned “We Are Dublin” Dublin Senior 1 Camogie Champions 2020. Full Time Score : Nh Jude 3.13 v St Vincents 0.15

Player of the match award went to Niamh Gannon Nh Jude

Naomh Jude Scorers:

Ellie Young 0-05 (5f)

Niamh Gannon 0-04

Aisling Gannon 1-00

Faye McCarthy 1-00 (1-00 pen)

Leah Butler 1-00

Aoife Walsh 0-01

St. Vincents Scorers:

Ali Maguire 0-07 (6f)

Niamh Hetherton 0-02

Aine Fanning 0-02

Grace Kilroy 0-01

Anna O’Sullivan 0-01

Muireann Kelleher 0-01

Ellen McGovern 0-01

Naomh Jude

1. Faye McCarthy

2. Aisling Darcy

3. Emily Browne

4. Niamh Doherty

5. Eimear O’Riordan

6. Hannah Hegarty

7. Claire Gannon

8. Emma Barron

9. Niamh Gannon

10. Caragh Dawson

11. Aoife Molloy

12. Clíodhna Nicoletti

13. Aisling Gannon

14. Ellie Young

15. Aoife Walsh

Naomh Jude Substitutions

21. Leah Butler for 11. Aoife Molloy (49)

18. Hannah Begley for 14. Ellie Young (52)

17. Maria Noone for 15. Aoife Walsh (59)

St. Vincents

1. Claire Clinton

2. Elaine O’Leary

3. Deirdre Johnstone

4. Lora Smith

5. Aine Woods

6. Ciara O’Leary

7. Shauna McBride

8. Muireann Kelleher

9. Danielle Smith

10. Niamh Hetherton

11. Ali Maguire

12. Grace Gilroy

13. Aisling Maher

14. Aine Fanning

15. Anna O’Sullivan

St. Vincents Substitutions

17. Grainne Quinn for 2. Elaine O’Leary (18)

18. Ellen McGovern for 7. Shauna McBride (38)








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